The Street Style Collection offers 24 color enhancing actions for Adobe Photoshop. These actions were inspired by subdued vintage tones. These colors are a little edgy and have a cinema like quality to them. We suggest you use these on higher contrast, low lit images for the best effect.


By using these actions you can quickly run through various color possibilities and reduce your editing time!

It is suggested that you alter, tweak and turn on and off the various adjustment layers to fine tune your look.




Silver Sand - Cool and subtle blue tones.

Sky Blue - Blue and peach tones.

Neptune - Turns blues bright electric and brings out the warmth in skin.

Mean Green - Bright green tones without damaging skin tone.

Flamingo - Brings blues and cyans to shades of pink.

Red Sea - Brings blues and cyans to shades of red.

She Sold Sea Shells - A soft and subtle version of Mean Green.

Snuba - Gives blues a purple tint without damaging skin tones.

Hot Summer - Deep orange tones that suggest a sunset.

Cruel Summer - Cold and bright tones,

Sea Salt - Softens skin tones and deepens blues.

Fog - Lends a desaturated tone to the image while maintaining skin color.

Sugar Sweet - Desaturates with tones of deep red. Darkens shadows.

Eye of the Storm - Eye of the Storm maintains the integrity of skin tones but pushes blues and cyans to black and grey.

Subtle Shore - Pastel cool tones.

Lotion - Warm green ish tones that suggest looking through hazy sunglasses.

Siren - Deepens blues and oranges.

Groove - Deepns cyans and gives the image a reddish pink tone.

Bronze Goddess - Turns blues and cyans to black and grey while making skin tones more amber.

Coral Sea - Tones cyans to green and gives skin some vibrance.

Ocean Air - Strongly desaturated colors in cool tones.

Tropical Vacation - Subtle warm look.

Deep - Deepens shadows and desaturates. Has a teal tone.

Sigh - Pops cyans and reds.



Outdoor natural light portraits Window Lit portraits Fashion, fine-art, and conceptual art WORKS WITH: Tested with Photoshop CC. This set of actions will only work in the English version of Photoshop, NOT in Lightroom or Elements.


USAGE: Just use the Photoshop play action button once the action is installed.

24 Street Style Photoshop Actions