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Dress FAQs

Please read through our FAQs, they may answer any questions about your dress rental.

How many days can I rent a dress for?

Select between a length of 1-4 days, 5-7 days, or 8-14 days.  Each time frame will be priced accordingly.


How do rental dates work?

You will choose the start to end date of your dress rental.  Light Hero Studios will send your dress to arrive prior to the first day of booking.  Dress rentals must be made at least 7 days in advance and we highly recommend that you add one buffer day between the start of the booking and the day of your photoshoot or event in the event of a delay.  Dresses must be shipped back before the end of the day of your last booking.


What is your cancellation policy?

If cancelled 14+ days prior to the start date of your rental, you receive a store credit for the same dollar amount that can be used toward another rental.  This credit must be used within 120 days.  Cancellations 13 days or less from your start date will not receive any kind of refund.  All refunds will only be given in the form of store credit without exception.


Why are Sundays blocked?

Sundays may be included as part of the rental period, however the rental may not start or end on a Sunday as the shipping services do not operate on Sunday.


How much is shipping?

Shipping is $25 and this rate includes shipping to you AND a prepaid shipping label back to Light Hero Studios.


Where do I return the dress?

Your shipping rate includes shipping to you and back to Light Hero Studios.  Inside the package you will receive a return shipping label.  Please keep the box you received the dress in and the label included within the box to send the dress back before the end of the last day of your booking.


Am I responsible for cleaning my rental dress?

No, all dresses are cleaned when they are returned.


Can I wear a dress to an event/rent it as a wedding dress/prom dress?

Yes, rentals are allowed to be worn for special events such as weddings or cocktail parties.  However, any damage, stains or tears made during any event will be charged.


How does sizing work?

All dresses come with detailed information on sizing and measurements.  Please read carefully prior to renting a dress.


What if the dress doesn't fit me when it arrives?

Please make sure to check the detailed sizing recommendations prior to your rental as no refunds will be given if the dress does not fit you or your client.


Do you offer try-ons?

We do not offer try-ons.  If you would like to try on the dress, it must be rented from us prior.


What if the dress is damaged while in my possession?

Please let us know quickly so that we can assess the extent of the damage.  If the damage is excessive, a replacement fee may be charged.  Please take great care with these dresses.


Where do you ship to?

Currently all rentals are within the United States.


What if my dress arrives early?

This will not affect your rental dates, you can enjoy the dress for a little longer and use it for that time.


What if my dress arrives late?

Postal delays are out of our control.  If it looks like your dress will not make it by the date of your shoot or event, please contact us at least 48 hours prior so that we can try to assist you.


What if I am not able to get the dress to the post office on the last day of my booking?

It is extremely important to contact us and let us know if there are any issues, and we will work with you to find a solution.  Late returns affect the rental schedule and we need to plan for these.  Late returns incur a late fee of $40 per day per item.


What if the dress arrives and I don't like how it looks?

We do not refund due to not liking the dress.  Please be sure to review the online images or ask questions prior to booking it.


What if I forget to send the dress back?

You will be invoiced for a replacement at full retail price x 50%.


My photoshoot was postponed due to bad weather.  Can I keep the dress for longer?

By all means, reach out to me to check availability.  If it's not booked for a shoot immediately after your own, it is possible we can do a day extension.  If it is rescheduled for another week or more, you will have to rebook the dress -provided the availability- and pay a new rental fee.

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